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ISBN 184590801-1

"Long interested in investigating the seemingly far-fetched claims people have made that vision could be improved naturally, without glasses. I attended Leo Angart’s course, in which he puts the principles in this book into action. To my amazement, by doing the exercises over the several days of the course, my wife and I both found that we needed, between the four eyes, about 3/4 of a diopter less prescription correction per eye."

"Both of us, who had been requiring increased prescriptions every couple of years, were now able to return to the prescriptions of several years before (about a diopter less per eye) and spend more time wearing no glasses at all within a few days. As important, we learned that some of the factors that make it hard for many of us to see clearly, also put long term pressure on the eyes, setting them up for more serious problems in old age. Thus, some of the exercises Leo describes here not only improve eight, but also appear to protect our eyes over the course of our lives."

Norman Doidge, MD, author of The Brain That Changes Itself.

ISBN 184590891-1

“This book really does offer the opportunity to read again without glasses. At first I thought this was a fanciful idea but the book clearly and eloquently gives evidence to back up the claim. It debunks many of the myths around eyesight which, unfortunately, most people see as true. Having the book and DVD together is great as it offers the next best thing to going to an actual workshop. Even through the exercises are easy to follow they are still very effective. The book and DVD leave you more information about your specific vision condition, with practical steps as to how to improve it.”

“If you are prepared to do the exercises in a non-judgmental way (i.e. by asking how can my eyes improve without laser surgery?) you will definitely reap the benefits.”

“I highly recommend this book to anyone.”

Anthony Barret, Co Developer of Sleepora.

ISBN 184590959-8

"Children are sometimes prescribed glasses at a very young age but there are natural methods that can make your child’s eyes healthy and strong and eliminate the need for glasses."

"Leo Angart runs workshops all over the world, helping people to regain their natural vision and throw away their glasses for good. He has encountered an increasing number of children whose eyesight has been adversely affected by their glasses or who don’t really need glasses at all."

"In Magic Eyes Leo shares his experience and explains what you can do to help transform your child’s eyesight. He demystifies common eye conditions, explains their causes and suggests simple solutions you can try at home. Case studies, diagrams and step-by-step exercises will show you how your child can perfect their vision."

“I very much like this book; it is the best of its kind, written by an author who combines scientific knowledge with lifelong experience and common sense. It is very important to let people know that there is a way besides evidence based medicine, which could support classic intervention given that so many people suffer from unsuccessful treatment.”

Alexander Raditschnig , MSc Optometry

“Our son has gone from having +6 glasses to not needing glasses at all today. It’s amazing! I’m starting to really understand that this is for real – that it really works.”

Erika Finnström, parent