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In depth articles about vision and vision training.


What is normal eyesight? Relatively little research has gone into defining what ia normal eyesight. This article explored┬┤ what natural eyesigh actually is.
Regain your eyesight naturally - is it possible?

Explore some of the prevailing theories defining how we thik about eyesight and whether it is possible to restore normal vision.

The Bates Method vs Vision Training

William H. Bates M.D. is credited as the grandfather of vision training. How is the traditionalmethod compared with my method todays. What are the similarities and what are the differneces.

Training a Lazy eye Vision training is very effective training a lazy eye
Training for strabismus Yes vision training is effective for strabismus
Vision training does its work? This is the ineviatable question . does it work? People want guarantees and asurances before they decide on something.
When is something scientific? When is something scientific and when is it not? If something is repeatable can we say it is scientific? If so cooking would be scientific.
More about optometric tests

How is vision actually measured and how accurate is it?

More about atropine drops Does atropine drops actually prevent nearsightedness
More about Ortho-K lenses Read the full story about Ortho-K lenses, risks and effectiveness.
Meet your eye muscles How does you eye musces actually work?
More about progressive lenses These are the lenses with three bands incorporate into just one lens.
More about lens implants Are lens implants the solution ro good eyesight?
Lasik vs Vision training What happens when you compare laser surgery with vision training.

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